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How to Sell Textbooks and Books

1. See How Much You Can Get for Your Stuff:

Enter the ISBN's of any books you want to sell, and then click "Search". We'll tell you if we are purchasing your books now, and how much we'll pay for them. Each quote is good for 7 days.

Keep in mind that we pay for shipping. At checkout, we provide you with a link to a postage-paid mailing label.

2. Sell Your Stuff:

To accept our offer, you'll need to submit a buyback order. After following the step above, click "Add to buyback list" for each item you want to sell, and then submit your buyback order. Once your buyback order is submitted, we'll display your buyback confirmation. Be sure to print out a copy of this page and include it when you ship your stuff to us. From this page we will also include a link to a postage-paid mailing label.

3. Send Us Your Stuff:

Your books must be postmarked within 7 days from the date you submitted your buyback order to guarantee the quoted buyback price. If you don't send your books to us within 7 days, your buyback order will automatically expire and you will need to submit a new order. Quotes change as the demand changes.

Be sure to include a printed copy of your buyback confirmation. Attach the completed buyback mailing label to your package, then drop it in any collection box, give it to your postal carrier, or take it to your local or campus post office.

Important: Pack your items carefully so they are not damaged in the mail. We recommend that you retain a proof of mailing receipt for your records.

4. Get cash back:

We will send a check to you once we receive your items and verify that they meet our standards. Unacceptable items will be destroyed, not returned. Items determined to be potentially inauthentic will be forwarded to the publisher for verification. As a result, payment may be delayed or denied.

If you wish to sell us more than 5 copies of a single title, please contact us at

Buyback Disclaimers

  1. buyback service is intended for students who wish to sell their textbooks and other books used for personal reading. Dealers, wholesalers, independent buyers, etc. must contact us at for authorization.
  2. Buyback quotes expire 7 days after the quote date. To keep your current quote value, the UPS shipping label must be scanned and tracking with UPS within 7 days of original quote.
  3. reserves the right to rescind any buyback order that management determines is in violation of this policy.
  4. does not purchase books of questionable origin. All persons selling books to must have clear title to said books. Proof of ownership may be required.
  5. Your account information is required to have accurate legal names, physical addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. The use of aliases may result in your account being suspended.
  6. Books determined to be potentially inauthentic or suspicious in origin will be forwarded to the publisher for verification. As a result, payment will be delayed or denied and the book(s) will not be returned to you.
  7. In the event any book sold to is forwarded to the publisher for verification, we will share your account information with the book publishers, their lawyers and other relevant authorities.